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the team - consultants Atkins Design Team

Architecture consultants

Atkins Design worked closely with AIPSD Ltd to transform their vision into an exciting new landmark in the heart of Nicosia. The architects coordinated their efforts with design engineers to deliver a practical solution for this new mixed use development.

Various design options were explored and discussed with the client at early stages to narrow down the choice and to select an alternative that combines the client’s wishes while realizing an exciting new public realm.

Atkins team includes, Architects, structural engineers. Mechanical and electrical engineers, Fire life and safety engineer, landscape architects, vertical transportation engineer and cost planning consults.

Structures consultants

Atkins Structures team explored the main structural principles of the development, basements and foundations, structural floors and structural cores, and key complex issues of the development like the seismic and wind load, the top building structure and tower base. Their report is attached in Structures Report.

Mechanical and Electrical Consultants

Atkins Mechanical and electrical departments, have fully engaged with the project at this initial stage resulting in comprehensive coordinated diagrams highlighting the MEP strategy. Their report is attached in M&E Report.

Life and safety consultants

Atkins Fire Life and Safety Consultants worked with the design team to fully comply with the local Codes before submitting the report.

Landscape Consultants

Based on their knowledge of urban projects and their consistent quality delivery and design on some major projects. Atkins landscape team has produced a comprehensive design strategy for the landscape for a site more akin to urban settings. Their design report is attached in the Landscape Section.

Vertical Transportation

Atkins Engineers Lift Consultants have advised that the building complies with international standards on passenger waiting times within a multi use, multi tenanted building of this nature.